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Kevin Kelly" Well If I want in the Family, I'd better learn to like getting fucked"These were the very words spoken by the stranded Sailor, Gary.
Kyle reached over and took hold of the Sailors soft thick cock meat.
Instantly it was growing in his hands. Having the resiliency of an 18
that Gary was. Stroking it while His twin Bother Timmy was now feeling
the Sailors big hairy balls Kyle said." mm Which do you want to do first. fuck or get fucked?Gary was alternately kissing Timmy and then Kyle's neck Dad was seated
watching the hot action.Gary said. " They teach You in the Navy to get the hard task out of the
way first and then dig into the easy stuff. So I guess I'll try and loose
my virginity first. Ah that is if its Ok with You Guy's?Timmy was now bent down eating the Virgin Sailors one nipple as The
Sailor moaned Timmy was able to say." I guess now we start fighting over which ls lolita free pics one of Us takes Gary's cherry?Gary holding his nipple to Timmy's mouth and pushing his cock meat in
Kyle's hand settled the debate for them." I think it only fair that the Captain of the ship goes first?Dad stood up more then willing to accommodate the Sailors wise wish." Consider Yourself under arrest Sailor and report at once to the
Captains quarters."" Aye Aye Sir" Gary said while snapping at a stiff ridged attention pose
and saluting. His 10 and a half inch pole and it's flared firemen's
helmet standing out from his hard Young body. The Gary was off running
to obey his orders. All eyes were on his smooth hairless bubble butt as
he disappeared down the passage way. Dad's voice now took on a
conspiracy tone." Boys, We've got to do this absolutely right. This is Gary's first
fucking and We have to make sure he loves it so much He'll be wanting
cock the whole Year. This is time for a lot of tender loving care. We
take Our time priming his cherry pucker. Eating his hole in shifts until
he is screaming for cock meat. Finger fucking him and spreading his
flower wide to take my big raw cock."Timmy took hold of his Dad's steel hard cock meat. He'd been fucked
himself by this cock countless times in the last few weeks, Yet still the
freedom to touch and feel it like this was strangely seemingly like
forbidden fruit? Timmy was wanting what that Boy Sailor was going to be
getting. His Dad's sculptured rika nishimura naked lolits
Male body on him and fucking him. Later he
told himself, Later he would have Dad's cock. They entered the Captains cabin. The Family naked and hard was taken
aback at the sight that greeted them. Instead of the shy nonnude models lolita toplist nervous virgin
victim they expected to find. Gary had the cabin lights turned down low.
The curtains drawn. Soft music playing and on the bed side stand four
tall glasses of Run and coke. More astonishingly The Sailor Boy was
dressed in a black insulated swim suit? The swim suit was body forming
tight on him. Hugging and out lining his fantastic male body. All eyes
immediately dawn of course to the out line of Gary's humongous cock in
the suit. He had the zipper pulled down to his belly button and his
rippled ABS flexed as one by one he held the rum and cokes up to his new
shipmates. His eyes were mischievous and sparkling as he spoke." I thought that having something on for You guys to take off might add
some to the fun of it? This was all I could think of handy to put on."The lolita teen videos sites
threesome was disarmed and speechless. The Boy's body was a work of
masculine art in the tight rubber suit. The way the rubber accentuated
his biceps and his powerful muscular legs. His bare manly feet firmly on
the floor. His pec's exposed with the zipper down. His nipples standing
hard and ready. As Kyle took his rum and coke from Gary He Kyle moved
his foot on top of Gary's bare foot and slowly was moving it as Gary
smiled and handed out the other drinks. Clearly this was not to be the
average deflowering. This would be a case of the Virgin directing the
show. A Man who knew what was coming to him and wanted it on his own
terms. He'd be submissive but on his own terms. At the point that all
had their drinks in hand Gary freed his foot from Kyle's and then did a
slow turn around. Showing his bubble virgin ass encased in the form
fitting rubber to his crew of admirers. lolita free top list Like horny adolescents looking
at a porno movie for the first time. The three grown Men were Moaning and
gashing like mad sex craved youths. Totally under the spell of the
Driving suited Young Stud. Gary knew the power he now held. Just a look
down at his crews hard straining cocks let him know he had their utter
attention. He may be giving up his cherry ass? But he Gary still was
going to be the one in charge. Each man now took long large rushed gulps
of the strong rum and cokes. Nobody remembered clearly later who made
that first move on Gary. Least of all Gary. When these three drop dead
gorgeous Men were all over his rubber suit clad body, All of Gary's inner
strength evaporated. He became a ball of mush in their probing hands.
Their hands all over his body as were their mouths. Kissing his balls
through the rubber. Feeling and licking his virgin ass again through the
rubber. He was sat down on the Captains bed and Kyle was down working his
tongue magic on Gary's bare feet. Timmy was pulling off the rubber suit
slowly revealing more and more of the Young Man's perfectly formed hard
bare body. Dad had his experienced male tongue going in over drive as
more and more of Gary's flesh was revealed. His under arms being licked
and sucked by Dad. His collar bone. His nipples again down and down.
Gary's rippled ABS being tongued over every inch. And Gary moaning in the
sensation of all these multiple pleasures. Surrendering his body fully
to the new joys.
Again the Boy was naked. The rubber suit discarded in a heap on the
floor. Gary was putty in their hands. He was laid back on the center of
the bed. His legs spread. and a pillow placed under his butt. he looked
now as the handsome Adonis Captain-Dad was between his legs. A Twin on
either side licking his under arms while now Gary felt Dad's tongue on
his very ass hole Never in his young life had anybody done this to him.
While he thought he was prepared for it. He soon discovered he was not
prepared at all. The rush and thrill of Dad's wet licking tongue on that
private spot. Dad's tongue going into his body down there. No Gary never
was prepared for the whole wonderful thrill of it all. He only knew at
once he wanted it never to stop. He found himself pushing his hole up
into Dad's face wanting more and more to have his virgin hole there at
the center of its pleasure a man's tongue and mouth. The combination of
his two under arms, His ass hole best lolitas young top
and balls being eaten and sucked like
this was the best pleasure a man could ever have. Gary's legs bending and
his back shoving his hole up to that eating male mouth. Then Gary was
still. He'd stopped all movement. A sacred moment was happening. Ever so
slowly and carefully a finer was pushing into him. Spreading his virgin
sphincter. Parting his virgin male pussy lips wider and wider. A cooling
feeling from the KY was making it all the more a pleasure. Gary and all
the others were silent as Gary savored the finger taking his virginity.
In and in Came Dad's fat thick long finger. No real Pain. Some un comfort
but much more pleasure then Gary had ever imagined. In a low honest
reaction to the pleasure. Gary let out a guttural moan." Oh Captain Yesssssssssss. Oh fuck yea. Oh my God that feels so good.
Please keep doing it just like that."Now another finger was being pushed in this one even more greased up then
the first. In and in it came. some more discomfort but much more
pleasure. Two fingers thrilling and moving his Boy virgin pussy lips.Gary felt a sharp thrill like nothing in his whole life. It was intense
to the max and his whole body reacted on its own. His hips shot up to the
intruding loving fingers as this new strange and wonderful thrill took
over his body. It ended then began again then ended and began yet again
each time that something in Gary hole felt the thrill of a life time. he
loved it and wanted it to continue." Oh God Captain. What ever Your doing feels so good. Oh God its
thrilling me. What the fuck are You doing in there that feels so good?The Captain said. " I am massaging Your prostate for You. Feels so good
don't it?Gary was wreathing under the spell of them fingers moving and thrilling
his prostare. Shock wave after wonderful shock wave filled his body all
centered there inside of him. Caused by a man's fingers. He heard the
voice of Timmy saying." If You think that feels good wait until You feel Dad's raw cock head
against your prostate. you'd going to jump on bbs jp loli kir out of Your skin Gary."Gary was thinking of The Captains big cock head. It pronounce ridge of
cock head flesh. Of that cock head doing what the fingers were now doing
to him. His whole body was peeking and peeking and peeking with it fresh
new touch against Gary's newly discovered Prostate. he need to get higher
and higher peeks of pleasure. Virgin as he was He knew that would mean a
whole cock meat doing it. He pleaded. Him the Macho top fucker was
pleading for a man to fuck cock into him.Please do me now Captain. Please I want you to put Your whole cock into
me now. Oh God yesssssssssssssss give me that big dick meat Captain."There was a sardonic reaction from the Captain as now he held his fingers
tightly bbs jp loli kir against the Boy's prostate." You sure about ls lolita free pics that Boy? I was going to let Timmy and Kyle have a
little fun time with Your prostate first. But its up to You dude?Gary was wreathing all the more at now the steady thrill. He thought
quickly. Timmy and Kyle The handsome twins doing this sounded oh so hot.
But He knew he was so close that now, Now was the time. Now or never to
take his first cock."" No Please Captain take me now. Give me that big cock of Yours. I am so
ready. Please fuck me now. I really want the cock."Gary's body was indeed in heat. Heat he never dreamed. He knew he was
going to love getting fucked and being a man's male pussy.
The two fingers were removed in one fell swoop. Gary's Hole and prostate
feeling actually robbed of intense pleasure and wanting the created void
filled and filled quickly with a cock meat. Kyle was greasing up his
Dad's cock meat. Gary lifted his head up and looked down at the Captains
cock meat as Kyle greased it up. My God now the fear hit him It seemed
so much more humongous then even when he had sucked it. No way would that
monster cock head ever fit into his hole without ripping his hole. Timmy
was lifting Gary's legs up and putting them on his Dad's shoulders and
Dad inched up on his knees to Gary's virgin hole. The cock head made it
first contact with Gary's hole. This part felt so good. And Gary relaxed.
He did notice that He'd lost his own hard on with the fear of what was to
happen. Then the Captain smiled down at his young prey. The pushing
begain. It wasn't going it, It was too big. Gary knew to relax and was
trying to. He was doing all the right things, Like pushing out and
relaxing. But the cock was still too large to ever go in. Gary's
prostate wanted the thrills again. He missed them. Then suddenly there
was a smile on the Captains face followed by his eyes rolling up into his
head. Then that fast The whole cock head shoved on in to Gary's body.
There was a shock, A thrill, A pain and extreme pleasure all at once and
all inseparable and all, Pain with it wonderful at once. Gary's body not
all under his own control as that monster 9 inch raw cock came into him.
He wanted to push to it and get more of it. His body pulling back from
it. At last again Gary prostate was being touched. Only this time in a
major way. This time lolita teen videos sites by a man's actual cock. Oh the thrills now made the
finger thrill seem like windy day compared to the full force of a
Hurricane. His prostate. His pussy, Yes now male pussy lips. His
sphincter, All in totally thrill mode. Never had Gary knew all the times
he'd fucked how wonderful being fucked was.
Now the Captain was the man of the hour. Gary wanting to please the man
who's cock was pleasing him so very much. he rubbed the Captains arms and
moved his bare feet on the Captains shoulder as the Captain now picked up
speed thrusting and pounding cock meat into the Boy's pussy. The two
locked in a mutual love fuck. Each wanting to and indeed pleasing each
other. The now moved as one. The cock meat now a part of Gary's body. One
with him fucking him. Suddenly without even touching his own cock meat
Gary was spewing his cum load all over the place. large gobs of his thick
teen cream flying wild.
One Blonde Adonis Twin on each side was down now and eating Gary's cum as
he still shot from his cock. Dad pounding like mad and then he tensed up
and Gary looking up felt his Captain releasing his cum juice into his
body. Gary was thinking now as the Captain was screaming in pleasure as
his cock meat filled the Young Sailor. " lolitas studio zeps bbs Now it's complete I am a fucked
Boy pussy and I love it.
The Captain came down into the Boy's welcoming arms. The two had done
it. Mission accomplished. As the Captain has said to his Son's at the
start of it all. " They had do take Gary's cherry so good that He'd want
to be cocked fucked all year." That was a totally victory. Gary was
hooked on being fucked like this. And still there were the two 18 year
old twins to take a cocking from." I'll fix the Rum and cokes during the Brief intermission"Timmy was saying." I'll fix some good snacks up for the intermission" Kyle added." Looks like Your going to get a cock fucking from the whole Kelly family
Gary?Gary moved into the Captains arms. " Yes and I want all the Kelly Family
in me Captain. That was wonderful. You were wonderful. God I never
dreamed it could be so fucking hot getting fucked like this from a man."They hugged. The first night was still young.
Write state Your age for legal reasons and I'll send a
picture of myself. All answered as soon as possible. Ideas welcomed.
Kevin Kelly
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